The RippleHopefully the start of something big!

The Ripple is a not-for-profit project that aims to...

  • Provide unique creative performance platforms for local musicians.
  • Encourage local musicians' collaboration with, and support of, one another.
  • Present a wide range of musical genres to the local community.
  • Encourage and engage the community in the local music scene.
  • Help the development of musical education and performance for and by young people within the locality.
  • Donate any surplus to local community groups.

In 2019 it was a coming together of musical talent in Lewes on the first Bank Holiday weekend in May.

Participants included The Con Club, Rocket FM, Depot Cinema, Union Music, Starfish, Si’s Sounds, The Royal Oak, Radio Lewes, The Oyster project and many others. Plus, of course, a host of local musicians.

In 2019 it was just a ripple but, with your support and a fair wind, we planned to expand the concept to embrace a town-wide VE Day Bank Holiday weekend event in May 2020. We had a full programme all set but sadly Covid-19 got the better of us and we had no choice other than to postpone.

But, nothing daunted, the Ripple is launching a YouTube channel in August 2020. This will be promoted by a poster campaign, local press and websites such as the Con Club, Union Music, StayLewes and others. Full details being finalised right now.

To kick things off we have archive films of previous Ripple events and have been filming a number of live acts in June and July at Starfish Studios under social distancing conditions. The intention is to keep developing the channel (along with our Facebook site) in order to create a platform for local performers/music makers and, hopefully, create a bridge to the point where we can return to live performances in public.

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