Olivia Bullock

Olivia Bullock...

Olivia Bullock's work is characterised by a familiar and recognisable visual language that draws inspiration from a diverse range of historical and cultural references.

Much of her thematic inspiration is gathered from legends, stories, history and traditions. Her invented beasts, masked beings, dysfunctional and ridiculous characters occupy a captivating, mythological world. Their emotional presence and identity often hidden from view, act as an emissary between humans and allegorical creatures. Linking the real with the imaginary.

This theme is explored again with references to pop culture, providing an analytical and humorous translation of these key themes.

Olivia's work is entirely hand painted, using a combination of gouache and watercolour on paper, which is then cut out and assembled to create a multi layered collage.

And now... Femme Brûlée!


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