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"Si's Sounds is the type of independent record shop that you can get to feeling really at home in. It has a great balance between loud exciting music and friendly personal service that gets you into the right mind frame to enjoy all that they have to offer. The whole place is a perfect little package of general home entertainment stocking games, music and comics all wrapped up with colourful and punky graphics."

"This record shop is an old-school independent music shop, owned and staffed by Si, whose visage graces the A board at the top of the road.  From the look of him, and the majority of the stock, Si is a bit of an old-school rocker.  I'd say the shop was about 60% vinyl and 40% CDs, which are not organised in any discernible fashion, except perhaps what he lumps in together; one label read 'Radiohead, Doves, Snow Patrol, etc.'  I'm fairly sure I know some people who would be rather cross at the idea that Radiohead were somehow similar to Snow Patrol, but there you go.  This is obviously a shop run by an enthusiast, for other enthusiasts, who like to spend a long time browsing.  Although from what I know from watching High Fidelty, I thought all musos were OCD about how they organise their music collections.  The CDs are fairly cheap, many were £4, which is good for an independent music shop.  I think it would be a good place to come if you wanted to have a long chat about metal from the 1980s, or the merits of vinyl."

And on top of all that Si's Sounds has tickets for Ripple events!

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